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Synergy and Evolution

Our synergy and evolution elevators combine state-of-the-art technology with flexible design. Immerse yourself in the design world of these two elevator families and choose the design that suits your taste and requirements.


With its compact dimensions, the synergy series is perfect for low-rise buildings with low- to mid-level traffic requirements. synergy combines simplicity with appealing design and durability to provide comfortable, reliable mobility at a competitive price. This elevator family has been successfully established on the market for over a decade. The proven technology and optimized layout helps to save costs and energy. synergy is the intelligent solution for residential buildings and low-duty commercial buildings


Our future-oriented evolution series is perfect for mid-rise buildings with mid- to high-level traffic requirements. This versatile, robust and spatially efficient elevator family features best-in-class technology for excellent performance and superior ride comfort. Its advanced, modular design concept features an extensive range of colors and materials that can be freely interchanged and adapted to your specific vision and needs. evolution is the solution of choice for commercial applications and premium-class residential buildings.

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